The Narcotix, Sun Castle, The Bag Daddies

Legion Bar NYC, New York

You ever wonder why babies dance when they hear an order of melodic sounds playing, even though no one has actually ever taught them the phenomena of syncopated movement? It’s because good music is a universal truth bxtch; a truth that will manifest in psychedelic ways on the night of Thursday, March 9th at The Legion Bar. Come to this concierto to experience noise bending into fragments and fractions that, in theory, shouldn’t make sense to the average human ear....which actually makes sense since the line up this evening will consists of aliens on tour from one of the seven new planets NASA found the other day. Come curious, leave in love.

***To further spice up the evening, we'll have two visually trippy interpretive dancers throughout the show!! Sol Vega Delfi Gi

The Narcotix (Afro-Indie-Psychedelic-Scifi-A.D.D.-Microwavable Popcorn-Rock)

Sun Castle (avante-garde-psychedelic-mystical-art noise)

The Bag Daddies (funkadelic-instrumentalist-beat-jazz)

Doors @ 10ish, Music @ 11 **bring some dollars for the door